коллаб №3
collaboration №3
Hello! This is the third collab and once-only topic of the collab will be known before - it will be devoted to the topic of substitutes. The theme is inspired by the idea of ​​substitute products, which with a certain benefit can be exchanged for each other. Examples include tea and coffee, beer and wine, oranges and tangerines. I propose to direct the vector of your creativity to material objects and abstract things, to which you could reconsider your relations over the past few months. What has become important and what has lost all meaning? What was worth everything and then it became everyday? Or vice versa?
The topic of the collab should help to reveal sincere feelings about certain things that have appeared or disappeared from your life.

The collab has no task to reveal exactly the impact of the pandemic, but if you focus on it, the topic may become more relevant and responsive for you.
The topic means that we have interconnected things, the attitude to which depends on certain situations, be it a pandemic, self-isolation, or other reasons. The task of the collab is to reveal what turned out to be on different sides of the scales and show how your relationship has changed.
  • Traditionally, there are no restrictions on the format of work.
  • The relationship of substitute objects must be seen.
  • The publication of works will be on the Tilda platform, as a separate page dedicated to the results of the collaboration.
  • Communication will take place on a comfortable platform, which will be discussed directly with the participants of the collaboraion.

  • All others questions about a work on the collaboration and what it is all about - there is a FAQ

Open call until July 12.

Collaboration timeframe - until the end of August, extension possible.

Because the topic is known, the work should be revealed as deeply as possible, but this is an optional.

What to watch? Historical background, the influence of certain events on the demand and supply of goods (this does not have to be connected with material objects during the course of the economy), changes in the general plans of cities, the structure of bone tissues and artificial substitutes. Mathematical techniques, musical notes, text puzzles and psychological research.

If you want to talk about your feelings, then try to get into a dialogue with yourself.

Substitutes should not be anything more, but they may be important specifically for you.

Still have questions? Write to me via telegram / or email znnav@mail.ru. Thank you!

Good luck!

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